Need a product manufactured? We're ready for small to medium scale production runs. We can work with you from design to sales. Our CNC machine is highly adaptable for diverse materials, delivering precision and mass-production, while the rest of our well-equipped shop can handle almost any kind of assembly you would require. We will give you fair pricing for development and optimize the engineering of your invention for best-cost scenario. We can even connect you to our patent attorney and Invention Development and Marketing people!

Current Products

  • Rockstar Volumes, our brand of wooden rock climbing products.
  • 3D Puzzle Creatures as seen in our shop.
  • Wine Bottle Holders
  • Knockdown Tables that are great for conventions and trade shows.
  • 3D Step Gauge Ruler
  • Nomar Clamp Pad

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3D Puzzle Creatures

If you've driven by the shop, you probably noticed the crazy creatures hanging out in the front. If you'd like to buy one, give us a call. We can make just about anything you want: animals, cars, planes, mythical creatures, or something from your imagination.

Download our PDF to see prices for currently offered creatures.

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