As you probably know, DBI has been growing and growing since its humble start 3 years ago. Literally! We have taken over more and more room in our current building, but at this point there's none left! So like a hermit crab that's outgrown its shell, it's time for us to move into a bigger place!

That's right, we're moving. These past years in Sharon have been wonderful (and we will still be working in the area!) but we're moving to a bigger place in Avon. It's just 15 minutes from our current shop and 5 minutes down the road from Ikea, Jordan's, or Costco at the intersection of Harrison Blvd and West Main St. The building needs some work, but who else would be better for the job?

The basement is a little dark and spooky right now, but after we get everything cleaned up and cleared out with a fresh coat of paint it'll be perfect.

This section will be our shop. We're going to knock down a wall or two and build some offices. We'll even have a showroom in the new place! We'll show off plenty of our 3D Puzzle creatures!

We have our work cut out for us, but don't worry. We'll keep taking on projects all throughout the move. If you have chairs to fix or cabinets to install, we're still your guys. Give us a call or email us for a quote or to schedule a meeting