What's this giant table doing at the shop?

Looks like we have a ton of work to do. Well, a half ton- this guy weighs in at a thousand pounds! We got the help of a moving company to get it to the shop, but we had to come up with a rope system and use all four guys at the shop to get the table from standing up to sitting normally.

There was a big crack running down the middle of this rustic, solid cypress table. Whoever built it did not account for the crazy humidity changes that we go through up here! The wood shrank and ended up making itself crack. It was our job to fix it.

The first thing we did was disassemble the base of the table. Using glue and clamps, we got the crack sealed tight. Then to make sure it didn't come apart, we used the CNC to make some butterfly patches to install along the fault line.

After that, it was just some touch up work where the metal pieces were originally set. Efraim got a chance to use some of his special planes, so of course he was happy.

And there you have it! The table has a really cool balancing act going on for the base. Even though the base isn't under the middle of the table, the turnbuckles that reach out to the end keep the whole thing perfectly balanced.

If you have a gigantic, heavy, fancy table that needs repairs, let us know! We'll have it looking better than new in no time.