Your project doesn't always conform to boxes and straight lines. With traditional techniques, it would have been very time-consuming and very expensive to produce complex curved tables, carved lettering, relief cutting, or any other complicated shapes you can imagine. Now, with a state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Router, we can draw whatever you desire and make it once or one-thousand times- with accuracy up to .0001". It's quick, precise, cost-effective, and perfectly reproducible.

We learned the art of woodworking from our grandfathers, who taught us the value of being ethical, conscientious, and quality-oriented. We have over 50 years of experience together, with a diverse range of jobs and skills in our portfolio. From small repairs to whole-house cabinetry and finish work, we are ready to get the job done for you.

We prioritize communication. We are diligent and responsive, because meeting your needs means making sure we understand each other. We return calls and emails promptly, and can get accurate pricing back to you quickly.

We're located in Sharon, MA in the same building as Barney and Carey Lumber. Feel free to stop by our shop and get to know us. You can see what we're working on or take a look at some of our 3D Puzzle Creature sculptures.

Dovi has been in the woodworking business since 2005, after completing 4 years of cabinet and furniture-making classes at Southeastern Vocational Technical High School. After teaming up with Efraim in early 2013, DH Custom Woodworks became DBI Woodworks. Dovi mainly runs the office and operates the CNC router. He's an expert at stain matching and furniture repair.

Billy has been working with wood since he was a boy with his dad and started working for DBI Woodworks in 2013. He used to help out on just about every project in the shop (and many outside) but has a new full-time job. He's in charge of marketing and design and is the one who built this website!

Mikey is a rock climber with a vision: turning climbing into a means of recovery. His organization, Climb for Recovery (CFR), is a startup working to build roots in the New England area with plans to expand out to the crags and mountains of east and west alike. CFR is looking to bring a novel and game-changing model to recovery treatment: to get recovery out of a strictly clinical setting and to give participants a powerful tool to rebuild- rock climbing. Through passion and friendship CFR and DBI Woodworks have come together to build a stronger community in rock climbing and all walks of life. Learn more about Climb for Recovery at their Facebook page.

Nicole joined DBI Woodworks in November of 2015. When she's not using her woodworking skills to do some awesome work, she bakes and competes in Roller Derby.